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Milo's Journal

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Story About Milo

Written by a student from the Farmington SAC program, after a visit Milo made in April 2005. 
Copied here just as she wrote it.
By Brenna, Grade 1

This is Milo store.
Mis Lonues Dog.
Milo. He is not a werd looking dog. Just bcuse I gest the letrs. Milo is blind, dusint mean he is a werd looking dog. He is a funey dog. He is a god dog. Luck soopr sum times, hiro. We think of funey things a bowet Milo. Wut in ure mines funey things. Mabo wet Milo. Mis Lonue.
But he is a nise dog. But he is not a werd looking dog.
I lick Milo
The End

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