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Milo's Journal

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The School Age Care Story About Milo

Milo, the No-Eyed Dog
by the Farmington School Age Care Children
October 2004 

The following story was written by the children who appeared on TV with Milo on Oct. 7, 2004
One day, Milo came to visit SAC.
He got on TV.
A cheerio dropped on the floor and Milo tried to pick it up.
He ate all of the cheerios.
The kids traced his body onto paper.
Then they colored it in.
Milo sure is a super dog.
He hangs out with Josie and the Pusey Cats, riding bikes.
Soon he became a cheerleader.
He wrote his own book, and became a pop star.
So, he had a party for the new book.
At this time, his eyeballs go into heaven.
He goes to the Doctor and becomes a dancer.
After that he went to a football game.
Now he becomes a police dog.
One day, he went down the slide and one paw fell off, so he climbed back up the slide.
He ate Megan's homework and a big blue monster came.
He had a biscuit and Milo bumped into it and ate it.
Milo then saved the kids from the teachers so they would no longer have to do homework.
Then he ran off and got married and his eyes grew back.
The End