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Milo's Journal

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July 2006
A couple months ago I was diagnosed with a tumor in my jaw. It has grown quite a bit since then. The only way to remove it, is to have the front part of my jaw removed!! Haven't I had enough things removed??? Is this a dirty trick??? In May I had 4 of my front teeth removed because the tumor was pushing them out. Well, nothing hurts now and I can eat, chat, sing, and more! All the same as before, just have this growing lump in my mouth. I am 10 years old in the human world and an aging 70 in the dog=world. I suppose these things are bound to happen to my aging body. What's the plan: I am going to enjoy life just as before. As long as I'm not in pain and I haven't slowed down, I am going to terrorize the hood just as before!!

August 2, 2006
Still eating, playing, goofing around and just being ME. We are planning our good-byes. It's just a matter of time before the tumor causes great pain and I am unable to eat. Don't be sad, I have lived a wonderful life and know that I have left my mark on the world. For now I am living it up and catching up on all the necessary things. Keep on smiling and remember the good times and smiles that I brought to the world.

August 23, 2006
Milo went off onto a new adventure where he now has eyes and is pain free. The tumor started to bleed a lot and he was pawing at it as if it hurt. I am pleased to say that I held him till the very end.
----Lawna, Milo's Mom

August 1, 2006
Photo of tumor in May 06
July 11, 06
July 20th, Doin' my thing!!
Aug 22, 2006
One Last Romp