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Milo's Journal

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Pet & Blindness Links

On this page I'll include a list of links to other pet-related web sites I enjoy.

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Jack Russell Terrier Club of America- "In a Dog's Eye"- This article list many of the common eye disorders common to Jack Russell Terriers.

Animal Eye Specialist-"Lens Luxation"-Another great article regarding the condition that I had, Lens luxation. Caution: contains graffic photos of the eye. This is a great explanation of what happened to my eyes.


Blind Dogs group, come and chat with other blind dogs

Mighty Micks No Eyed Story

Pet Care Books


Is there a pet you can help today?




Happy Housetraining ebook





Directory of Dog Websites
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The Dog Hause


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Petpro - Dog Breed Gifts

Terry's Pet Help---FREE WebMasterTools

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Gourmet dog biscuits, training treats and gifts for pampered pets by Critter Cookies. Healthy, Delicious Treats for your Best Friend. We use only premium quality human-grade ingredients. We do not add any salt, chemicals or preservatives.

Pet supplies
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