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Milo's Journal

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Dear Journal,
February 2003

This moment is for documenting my life. So that there is record of it for all to share, for years to come. This is my Journal.
I am a male, Jack Russell Terrier, named Milo. I am a dog. I am THE DOG EXTRAORDINARE. The neighborhood canines call me a Jack Russell "Terror". I have never figured out why. You know how kids are...always giving out nicknames.
Since we're on the subject of Nicknames, I'll share with you the many that I have aquired so far. My mom calls me any of the following depending on her mood: boobers, baybuzz (s/p---say it like it's spelled),  Milo-babes and so many more. I'll have to add as I remember. My dad calls me things I should not repeat. My grandparents call me Piglet, which means they must think I'm chubby or something. Go-figure.
Anyway, I was born on November 14, 1995. I have been adopted 3 times. And almost adopted the 4th time by my grandparents. People just cant get enough of me and seem to fight over me. I have been able to experience lots of love from all my families. In my old age, I have realized that I have learned a lot from all my families. I am greatful I have been where I've been and greatfull to be where I am.
I have had no children of my own, one of my previous families thought that I needed a little less 'man-hood'. Seems that I was just too much 'man' for that family to handle. Well, no regrets there. It's not like I would of saw the little ones grow up. I've moved around too much.
I have had an adventurous life. My parents take me to many exciting places. Sometimes I don't travel with them. Which is fine, because then I get to go to the "Doggie-Dude-Ranch" as my Dad likes to call it. It's just a glorified daycare! I love it so! I get a lot of chatting done with the dames. I tend to lose my voice while there. When my parents do take me on outings, we go for the longest bye-bye rides. We usually stay at this place called a farm in some winna-mucka-northern-state. I know we drive westard for a days length. This place is near a lake, which is like the coolest thing ever. I have saw fish come into our boat. I've chased turtles and rolled in the sand. I have even gone on the most exciting ride of my life. My mom calls it a hay-ride.........but I never did see the hay. All I cared about was running ahead of those horses. Even though my parents wouldnt let didn't stop me from trying. I love these trips. They are wonderful memories.
Recently I underwent surgery. I had my right eye removed. I've spent several months blind in that eye, so I'm used to seeing with just one anyway. My lense detached from the pupil and I had a secondary Glaucoma. My other eye is giving me some trouble too. Which means I have to have meds put it in to prevent further damage. I have adjusted well to this one-eyed thing. I'm trying to get my mom to fashion me a patch. The look I think is so ME. It will go well with my tatoo. I can't wait till summer so I can go out and terrorize the neighborhood with my new look. I'm gonna scare some of the youngins and maybe even some cats!!
So, this is my life. Please let it be known, that I have been the best I can be. I have barked the most that I can. Chased as many varments as I can. Licked as many faces as I can. Sniffed as many butts as I can. Ran as far and as long as I can. And I have loved as much as I possibly can. This is a DOG'S LIFE!!
Dear Journal--UPDATE:                                           
May 22, 2003 
On May 23, 2003 My left, and only remaining eye, will be removed. At this moment I have no site at all, except for some freaky shadows. I am well!!! Don't worry about me, May need to send hugs to mom and dad though, they are pitiful! I know my way around very well. I will have some new pictures of my new face added here as soon as I'm home from the hospital.
Dear Journal--UPDATE                                             
May 23, 2003
Today I became EYELESS! I have a new mug shot to show to the world. Mom says I am still a handsome little dude. Surgery went well. The Doctor and nurses were very good to me. I even managed a few barks for them when I first woke up. They have a talking bird in their office. I could not see it, but it sounded YUMMY!!! I need my rest for now. I will update again once I am feeling better. (BTW, Mom and Dad are taking this hard. I'm not sure why?? The lights are just out, right? I try not to wine too much, but this anesthesia hangover must look pretty bad from their point of view.--send (((((HUGS)))))) to them, please).
Dear Journal,
Sept. 6 2004
Today is what 'they' are calling 'Labor Day'. All the humans are running about in the neighborhood celebrating this day of Labor??????? These humans are amusing creatures.  I am writing to update my online buddies of my current condition. I am as spry as a young pup on adoption day. I have my very own book now that Mom reads to local children when we visit daycares. Were calling these visits-Milo Meetings. I also publish a monthly newsletter to family and friends, to keep everyone updated on their going-ons!!! I call it  Milo's Monthly. (-:  See, being blind doesn't slow me down. Mom still takes me around town in the basket on her bike. We walk when we can so I can leave a never-ending trail of "Pee-Mail". I will add some new photos here shortly. Come by often, share my story with others and help share my word.............SMILE, cuz I always DO!!!
Dear Journal,
Oct. 8, 2004
I'm thinking OPRAH is just around the corner. I've been telling the neighbor canines (a few felines as well) that it's just a matter of time and OPRAH will be paying me a visit! I'd love to give her a doggie-style smooch! Anyway, the reason behind this is.....................I was on one of the Minneapolis TV stations last night. I, Milo, The Dog-Extraordinaire, was featured in the 6pm news. I was accompanied by a fine group of youngsters and my mom. We visited the kids in an after-school program. On Wednesday, Oct 6, the St. Paul newspaper did a short write up on me and mentioned my visit to school-aged care and our 4H visit we have tomorrow. The TV station noticed this and came and filmed me hanging with the kids. It was a very exhausting experience. The excitement level was high. I was a bit over-whelmed, but handled myself nicely, I do believe.  I hope I am getting my message out in a positive way. We can all overcome our daily challenges, if we are just patient and kind, slow down to "smell" the roses and eat all the cheerios that are thrown our way!! Thanks for all who have emailed and supported me in all I do. It means so much. I may just be a foot off the ground, but my love for you all grows taller everyday. Doggie Smooches to everyone.

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After surgery of the last eye. May 2003

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