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Milo In The Press

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Farmington Independent
Thursday, January 22, 2004
By Nathan Hansen
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St. Paul Pioneer Press
Dakota County
Wed. October 6, 2004
By Tammy J. Oseid
Blind dog set to wow day-care kids
A blind Jack Russell Terrier will ain to inspire Farmington-area kids this week.
Milo, 9, who had both eyes removed a year ago for medical reasons, teaches children about overcoming challenges, said his owner, Lawna Kilber of Farmington.
"His strong sense of smell, hearing and his independent, strong-willed personality help him conquer almost any situation," she said.
Milo will visit Farmington schools'day-care program at 2 p.m. Thusday at the District Kindergarten Center. He'll visit the Dakota County Extension 4H program on 220th Street on Saturday.